Next-gen distribution platform Vydia has partnered with Royalty Exchange to offer music makers an alternative route to success. Via RE's investor auctions, Vydia artists can remain rightsholders in their IP while securing additional funding.

This path is especially enticing for viral artists who might have trouble generating momentum beyond their buzzing single. Among the recent acts Vydia has up-streamed are Mak Sauce, WhoHeem and iLoveFriday.

The auctions provide a transparent transaction for both artists and investors. The new arrangement allows Vydia's data system to work with Royalty Exchange, providing data to a pool of 27,000 investors who bid for the chance to advance royalties.

Parameters are set and determined prior to the track going to auction. At the end of the auction, the artist remains the rightsholder, a model that challenges major-label licensing deals.

Vydia's new partnership is already providing a lifeline to artists. Atlanta rookie Money Mu leveraged it to sell a track at auction for a sum comparable to a major-label advance.