The U.K.’s prized public broadcaster, the BBC, could be under threat after culture secretary Nadine Dorries announced changes to its funding model.

The British government has said that the license fee that funds the BBC—mandatory for all who watch or record TV in the U.K.—will be scrapped in 2027. In addition, funding for the broadcaster will be frozen for the next two years before rising slightly for the following three.

The move raises serious questions about where funding for the much-loved Beeb will come from, with those in the British music industry fearing for the future of essential talent-breaking platforms like Radio 1, Radio 2, 1Xtra and 6 Music and events like Big Weekend, not to mention music-related TV programs and coverage.

Cuts are expected as a result of the funding freeze. A Guardian report speculates that options for funding beyond 2027 include a subscription service (which would be difficult to implement for radio), partial privatization or direct government funding.