Mo with Traveling Wilburys Jeff Lynne and George Harrison and teams

Lenny Waronker and Mo help Steve Winwood wield his many plaques

Getting the details buttoned up with Irving Azoff

An informal moment in formalwear: Lenny, Mo and Eric Clapton

Two Morrises, no waiting: Lenny, Mo and Michael Ostin with Morris Day and the Time

Mo with a legendary rocker (Neil Young) and Opera Man (Adam Sandler)

Party on, Mo: With Dana Carvey, Lorne Michaels and Mike Myers

Stand in the place where you work: With R.E.M. and friends

With Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis, Anthony's mom, Margaret, and Rick Rubin

A latter-day clinch with Peppers Kiedis and Flea

Pepper sergeant: Mo and attorney Eric Greenspan

We'll let you caption this one.