UPDATE: A tentative deal has been reached to end the writers' strike. According to the Los Angeles Times:

The proposed three-year contract, which would still have to be ratified by the union’s 11,500 members, would boost pay rates and residual payments for streaming shows and impose new rules surrounding the use of artificial intelligence.

“We can say, with great pride, that this deal is exceptional—with meaningful gains and protections for writers in every sector of the membership,” the Writers Guild of America negotiating committee said in a Sunday-night message to its members.

Votes to determine whether to ratify the deal are slated for Tuesday (9/27). Stay tuned for updates.

According to reports from various sources, writers and producers were set to meet for a third consecutive day on Friday (9/22) in hopes of resolving the Writers Guild of America strike. Nonetheless, writers' reps urged their constituency to put on a show of strength. "The WGA and AMPTP met for bargaining today and will meet again tomorrow,” the guild wrote in a note sent to members on 9/21 and published by CNN. “Your Negotiating Committee appreciates all the messages of solidarity and support we have received the last few days and ask as many of you as possible to come out to the picket lines tomorrow."

It was previously reported that the parties might be close to a deal that would end the conflict, which has put much of the entertainment world on ice.

Here's what Deadline said about the heavy-duty meeting on 9/20:

With Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, Disney’s Bob Iger, Universal’s Donna Langley and Warner Bros Discovery’s David Zaslav in the room... joining AMPTP president Carol Lombardini and WGA chief negotiator Ellen Stutzman and others, the sit-down saw “incredible progress,” a source close to events says.

All sides are quick to caution that nothing is certain, however. What's more, observers say, if this doesn't get done, the strike could run through the end of the year.

Fingers crossed. We're now reduced to watching documentaries. Do you understand what we're saying? DOCUMENTARIES!