There will be a Clive Davis party this year right around the Grammys, but it won’t be his annual soirée; instead, it’s to celebrate his 90th.

The birthday bash will be held 4/6—Clive's birthday is 4/4—at Cipriani South Street at Casa Cipriani in New York.

We know a guy who knows a guy who told us the invite reads: “I personally hope you will one day be told that the next birthday you celebrate will be your 90th. If you’re in any way like me, you’ll be shocked, touched, shocked, gratified and shocked. Where did the years go? Well, whether you’re family or a friend or an artist or a colleague, our lives have been connected. We’ll gather in a truly magnificent, brand new, spacious New York ballroom to celebrate together with warm reminiscences about unforgettable times.” Cue Janis Joplin stories.

The New York Post says it has seen the guest list and it includes Alicia Keys, Allen Grubman, Monte Lipman, Tom Corson and Rob Stringer.

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