The Season 4 premiere of Stranger Things broke Netflix's record for the biggest premiere weekend for an English-language series, and the prominent sync of Kate Bush's brilliant 1985 track "Running Up That Hill" continues its run in the upper reaches of the Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes charts.

Despite being available for only three days in the rating period, Stranger Things was the most viewed for the week of 5/23-30, registering 287m viewing hours.

The show, which often awakens interest in its highlighted music, has done so this time with Bush's song—"Hill" remains #1 at iTunes five days after the premiere, is #2 at Spotify U.S., #4 at Spotify Global and #4 at Apple Music.

Originating on Bush's Hounds of Love album, "Running Up That Hill" contains the memorable line "If I only could/ I'd make a deal with God/ And get him to swap our places." Indeed, "A Deal With God" was apparently the cut's original title, though fear of offending assorted religious orthodoxies prompted an update.

Check out the original video for "Running Up That Hill" below.